Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Excuse The Mess...

I'm really excited about this blog. So far, it's garnered more attention than I originally thought it would.

With that, I have to say, please excuse the mess so far. There's still lots of work to be done. I want to create a logo, a header and a banner; not to mention, create more funny comics that stays within the scope of Cat's Patack.Of those, 3 are in the works even though my wedding is less than a month away.

Thanks for your patience!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

What is that?

When I brought Akito home to Sesshoumaru and Kuja.

....actually, Akito was a feral kitten who was caught with a rat trap. I rescued him and he lived in my bathroom, like a Gremlin, for 2 weeks until he was fully vaccinated, recovered and cleaned. He was horribly malunourished and had round worms. The vet told me that a week later he would have died.
It's so amazing to look at Akito and know that I saved his life.

...that's just gross.

Sesshoumaru vomits. And eats his vomit.


One of my bestest friend's cats, Char and Sakura. Sakura likes to lay on the food so Char can't eat any.

I was so tired drawing this comic. I promise to do another, much better, comic of the two cats.

I Think He's Still Bitter...

AAs I've said before, Sesshoumaru vomits a lot. At this time, I thought it might have been his esophagus which lead to this comic.

(For those wondering, after many visits to the vet, new diet, tests, treatments...they still don't know why he vomits so much. I had to stop because x-rays are very expensive and I had started collecting medical bills of my own....)

That's My Bed

My friend gave me her cat's old bed because her cat never used it. 
The bed was BRIGHT pink with big blue bows and a rainbow lining. It was quite...bright. 

And my cats fought over it. And urinated on it. It was so bad I had to toss the bed in the trash. Sesshoumaru dragged the pink urine-crusted bed back out and laid in it. So then it went into the dumpster (not Sesshoumaru, but the bed). 

Go To Hell or Heck?

This was just an excuse to draw my sister's cat, Oreo.
Kuja and Oreo used to live together actually. And when Kuja was an kitten, Oreo spent the first 2 weeks trying to kill her. And eat her. After that, he protected her and would attack anyone that tried to harm her.

But, I'm more vulgar than my older sister, so our cats kind of reflect this mannerism...